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My 5 Current Wish List Items

9 Jul

1. A new ring or bracelet.  Last year my grandmother helped me have an Ah Ha moment that I am so thankful for.  One day while visiting her we began to talk about jewelry and the 5 jewelry boxes she has filled with beautiful rings, earrings, and bracelets.  I complained that I only had a few really nice pieces that had been purchased for me by someone special such as family members to romantic partners.  My grandmother inquired, “why don’t you buy nice jewelry for yourself”.  At that moment I realized that I had never even considered buying a nice diamond ring, or my favorite sapphires, for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a jewelry box (or two *wink*) filled with costume jewelry.  Our local jewelry store, Country Dollar, is a bi-weekly stop for me and my daughter.  But REAL silver, gold, and diamonds, never. 

That day I vowed to purchase a new piece of (REAL) jewelry every 6 months.  I made my first purchase 6 months ago, a beautiful heart shaped ring with diamonds for Valentine’s Day.  Now I’m leaning towards this sapphire and diamond bracelet or this cute diamond ring, both from Kay Jewelers my favorite jewelry store.



2. A sheath dress for business meetings.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve entered my 30’s but I have a strong desire to change the style of my wardrobe to a more sophisticated and polished look.  I’ve always loved the shape a sheath dress creates, especially when paired with a cute jacket.  Here are 2 dresses I’m in love with right now:




3. Pops of color.  You name it, I want it! Pops of color in as this cute handbag from Candy Coated Bags, shoe such as these beauties from , and on my face with these summer colors from Mary Kay.

Candy Coated Bags


Mary Kay


4. A beautiful date dress.  With all of the recent award shows, runway shows, and my bestie’s wedding, and of course the FAB.U.LOS Jersey Couture, I’m in the mood for elegance!  This wish item may not come true until the end of the summer but that just gives me time to find the perfect one, right?!?

5. A mother/daughter photo shoot.  I’m happy to say this wish will come true next weekend.  I’ve always wanted a large professional photo of my daughter and myself to display in our living room.  Lil Fashionista has also been begging fora photo shoot ever since she assisted me on a couple of photo sessions with my modeling team.  This works out perfectly as I’m able to combine the two and make both of us happy. 

Here’s a photo of us at my bestie’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  She’s almost taller than me lol:


What are you craving right now? A new pair of Monolo’s or a new dress from Betsy Johnson?  Tell me in the comments below!


Spotlight on Acquired Taste Jewelry plus a Giveaway!

30 Jun

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberly Nicole, owner of Acquired Taste Jewelry. Kimberly is also a former high school classmate of mine which makes this post extra special to me. Its funny how it seems like it was only last year when we reminisce about our days at CHS.

Acquired Taste Jewelry features jewelry handmade by Kimberly herself with her special style and creativity.

MGS: What makes Acquired Taste Jewelry different from other jewelry retailers?

Kimberly Nicole: I try to design jewelry that is not the everyday norm and gives different options for people who like stylish and creative pieces and are looking for the next different accessories to make their outfits pop.

MGS: When did you discover your passion for creating jewelry? 

Kimberly Nicole: In my youth as a little girl and even now I’ve always had a passion for making things with my hands, and the arts. I discovered making jewelry as a hobby in one of my favorite craft stores, and it has build years later into a fascinating business.

MGS: Why did you decide to start your own business?

Kimberly Nicole: I started making jewelry for friends and family back in 2000. My mother encouraged me to make a business out of doing what I love. I decided to make it official in 2008 

MGS: Any advice for other women that may be thinking of starting their own jewelry business?

Kimberly Nicole: Start off with a plan covering all your basic necessities to get started ,build a fan base through family, friends, church members , co-workers, sororities , friends of friends etc etc (get your business name out there), also keep the faith in your business, don’t get down or discouraged 🙂

MGS: Which of your current pieces is your favorite?

Kimberly Nicole: It’s kind of weird but there is a pair of green spotted earrings that are my favorite, they don’t match very much in my closet but they are so cute to me LOL.

MGS: Do you offer custom pieces for those wanting to match a certain outfit?

Kimberly Nicole: Oh yes! I love making custom pieces. I’ve had clients send me photos of things from a piece of fabric, a shade of color/texture, and even a photo of a dress. Whatever I am given I will work with to create a beautiful piece.

You have a chance to win one of Kimberly Nicole’s exclusive pieces, this Summer Beaded Wire Wrap Bracelet:



 Go to  Acquired Taste Jewelry and tell us which piece is your favorite in the comments below. 


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Accessorize Me!

22 Jun

Today I stumbled upon a website, LuLu’s.com. and I must say I am in LOVE.  I can see this site quickly becoming a fav of my pre-teen daughter’s because their junior’s clothing line is to die for.  Unfortunately for me, they don’t offer a sophisticated line for those of us in our late 20’s and early 30’s but I must say I am in love with some of their jewelry pieces.  My LuLu wish list includes:

Seven Seas Bangle Set – $18.00

I love the mix of gold and turquoise in this set. 


Money Tree Ring in Silver – $16.00

If it’s silver and it sparkles – I gotta have it!


 Sweet Cheetah Bangle Set – $19.00

I already have the perfect dress and pair of heels for this cutie!