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Fashionista Fridays: Sale Alerts!

16 Jul

Here are your Friday deals…enjoy!

Express.com – Now – Sunday get $30 off your purchase of $75 or more OR $15 off your purchase of $30 or more! Use promo code: 9583

Glamlist.com – Today only get up to 75% off Ethnic Style (very cute dresses and handbags), CINDSTORY ($90 dresses as low as $19 and cute skirts and tops), and Urban Glam (dresses, tops, and skirts). 

Biva.com – Today only get up to 70% off Dolce & Gabbana Accessories, and much more.

Ruelala.com – Extremely low prices on Juicy Couture Swimwear for girls and women, DA-Nang tops and dresses, and much more.  

Ideeli.com – Up to 60% off Betsy Johnson party dresses, intimates, and handbags, BCB Generation handbags and accessories, Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes, and much more. 

Until next week, Happy Shopping Ladies! 

P.S. Come back tomorrow for a special announcement!!

Shh! Its a Secret: Sample Sales!

14 Jul

Did you happen to see my tweet yesterday about being in Shopping Heaven?!  If not, make sure you’re following me on Twitter – J.  Yesterday, I learned about secret sample sales and my life will never be the same again.  As most of you know I am a very frugal fashionista, but the problem with that is I LOVE designer brands.  Many times I’ve had to ignore my frugal side to make the inner fashionista happy.  Well not any more – I can be frugal AND still get the designer clothes, shoes, and everything in between that I crave.  

So, if you haven’t heard of this marvelous way to shop, you’re probably saying “what the heck is a sample sale”.  Well, it’s your new bestfriend that’s what it is!  There are times when designers have an excess of product at the end of a season.  When this happens they hold a “sample sale” with prices discounted as much as 70 – 80%!  Imagine getting a $800 dress for only $99.  Now are you as excited as I am? J  Just by doing a quick search online I was able to find numerous Sample Sale sites that offer sales daily.  The trick is you only have 24 – 72 hours to make a purchase for each designer sale and the items go quickly.

HauteLook is just one of the sites that I stumbled upon yesterday but so far it is my fav.  Today they are offering some great deals from these designers:

VaVa by Joy Han (90% off apparel)

Salvage (70% off tanks and dresses)

Lovina (70% off jewelry)

Deux Lux (55% off handbags)

This is a small list of the sales they have going on today.  If you’d like to see all of their great deals visit HauteLook and become a member from free!

Want to see what other sample sites have to offer, check these out:


The Sample Sale

I have many more sample sale sites to share with you in the coming days so stay tuned!

My 5 Current Wish List Items

9 Jul

1. A new ring or bracelet.  Last year my grandmother helped me have an Ah Ha moment that I am so thankful for.  One day while visiting her we began to talk about jewelry and the 5 jewelry boxes she has filled with beautiful rings, earrings, and bracelets.  I complained that I only had a few really nice pieces that had been purchased for me by someone special such as family members to romantic partners.  My grandmother inquired, “why don’t you buy nice jewelry for yourself”.  At that moment I realized that I had never even considered buying a nice diamond ring, or my favorite sapphires, for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a jewelry box (or two *wink*) filled with costume jewelry.  Our local jewelry store, Country Dollar, is a bi-weekly stop for me and my daughter.  But REAL silver, gold, and diamonds, never. 

That day I vowed to purchase a new piece of (REAL) jewelry every 6 months.  I made my first purchase 6 months ago, a beautiful heart shaped ring with diamonds for Valentine’s Day.  Now I’m leaning towards this sapphire and diamond bracelet or this cute diamond ring, both from Kay Jewelers my favorite jewelry store.



2. A sheath dress for business meetings.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve entered my 30’s but I have a strong desire to change the style of my wardrobe to a more sophisticated and polished look.  I’ve always loved the shape a sheath dress creates, especially when paired with a cute jacket.  Here are 2 dresses I’m in love with right now:




3. Pops of color.  You name it, I want it! Pops of color in as this cute handbag from Candy Coated Bags, shoe such as these beauties from , and on my face with these summer colors from Mary Kay.

Candy Coated Bags


Mary Kay


4. A beautiful date dress.  With all of the recent award shows, runway shows, and my bestie’s wedding, and of course the FAB.U.LOS Jersey Couture, I’m in the mood for elegance!  This wish item may not come true until the end of the summer but that just gives me time to find the perfect one, right?!?

5. A mother/daughter photo shoot.  I’m happy to say this wish will come true next weekend.  I’ve always wanted a large professional photo of my daughter and myself to display in our living room.  Lil Fashionista has also been begging fora photo shoot ever since she assisted me on a couple of photo sessions with my modeling team.  This works out perfectly as I’m able to combine the two and make both of us happy. 

Here’s a photo of us at my bestie’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  She’s almost taller than me lol:


What are you craving right now? A new pair of Monolo’s or a new dress from Betsy Johnson?  Tell me in the comments below!