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Black Friday Alerts: Kohl’s

16 Nov

Black Friday is almost here! This is my favorite time of year! I know, I know, I’m supposed to be shopping for my divalicious pre-teen, elephant loving mother and jewelry obessed grandmother during these amazing sales but how could I possibly pass up getting a few budget-friendly items for myself. I mean, at what other time will I be able to add a diamond bracelet to my wardrobe for only $49.99 or a cute mini handbag for $9.99?

I made my first visit to today to scope out the sales and begin the development of my master plan. This year I plan to take advantage of the Early Bird Sales by beginning my shopping trip at 3am. The first sale ad I chose was for Kohl’s. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Apt 9 fashion jewelry will be on sale for $3.00 – 47.60. Purple is my new favorite color so this necklace set caught my eye.

Aren’t these cute! On sale for $7.99 – $13.99

Love, Love, Love this deal!! I have this one or two of these beauties on my gift giving list. Regularly $50.00, this an ultimate deal for only $18.74. By getting there at 3 am I’ll be able to take advantage of the early bird special and snag them for only $14.99!

For the little divas in your life! Regularly $50.00, this is another great deal at only $18.74.

The diamond bracelet is easily my #1 favorite find at Kohl’s. A $350 bracelet for only $49.99…oh yeah!!

The perfect gift for a fashionista in your life. You can never go wrong with a trendy handbag.

All of my fellow shoe loving fashionista won’t be able to pass up their $29.99 boot sale!

Will you be participating in the Black Friday frenzy or will you be relaxing after a day of too much turkey and stuffing? Do you create a master plan before the big day? Tell us your Black Friday plans?

GLAMGyrlz Shoe Alert – @BakersShoes

10 Nov

Here’s another glam deal from Baker’s Shoes. This offer is only good for today so don’t miss out. I fell in love with these beauties as soon as I saw them. Aren’t they the cutest! They would be a perfect addition the Springfield, MA wardrobe I’m putting together for a business trip this weekend.

Quick Guide For The Busy You!

7 Oct

Here it is a quick guide with the top three “must haves” to stay fashionable and comfortable while running errands or even dropping the kids at school.

1.  A pair of leggings: The pros of wearing leggings are multiple….makes you look thinner, is versatile with any outfit, goes perfect with any kind of shoe, you can find them for a very low price at multiple stores, and they can be worn everyday. Try to pick a neutral color, this will help, because it will match any color top you have available.



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2. A long shirt, or tunic is usually the way to go with this kind of outfit.  Remember the idea is to keep it fashionable and quick. The pros of a tunic or long shirt is that it can guarantee us room to move, it also covers our lower tummy (for the days we feel bloated) helping us disguise it , and is a quick pick. You can change the look by adding a belt and accesories.

white cotton tunic

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3. The shoes are important, but most important is how you feel in them. Are you going for comfortable? Or do you have plans after?. That is why this look is so easy and quick because depending on the shoes you can change your whole look. In the interest of keeping it comfortable and quick here is my pick.


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