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Winter is Here! Trendy Coats for GLAM Gyrlz

17 Nov

Winter is officially here! If you live in the south, like Moi’, then you are probably just beginning to shop for a new winter coat. Here are a few super cute coats that you may want to consider…

This DKNY Petite Coat has a Danielle ruffled placket that is to die for in my opinion. It’s available at Macy’s, on sale for $159.99.

I’m loving the military trend of this season and this coat from Victoria’s Secret is the perfect way to complete a military look.

Going for the sexy bad girl look? Well, head on over to Express for this bad a$$ find!

NY & Company helps us add a dash of color to our wardrobe with this cutie.

Talk about GLAM!! Love, love, love this glam evening coat. It’s available in many other colors at Be Fashion.

Until next time GLAM Gyrlz…stay glam!


Tone Down The Bedazzle!

16 Oct

Flashy t-shirts are the latest epidemic hitting stores and streets the world over. Be it the real overpriced and shamelessly tacky Ed Hardy and/or Christian Audigier gear or the cheap $5 DIY alternative. It has got to stop! Being a young lady with an obsession for colours, glitter and sparkly things I simply can not tolerate this. Middle-aged men (Jon Gosselin look-a-likes to be exact) and club-goers have been excessively parading this sad excuse of clothing garments. Simply, it is nothing but an eyesore. In fact such people are collectively referred to as “Ed Hardy Douche Bags”. Who knew?!

Tattoo t-shirt designs used to be a rather popular look of the 90’s and as most people grew older and wiser, so did their personal style. However, there were a few who didn’t quite make it to the bus stop. They were tricked into thinking that overly flashy bedazzled shirts, jeans, jackets, bikinis, shoes and handbags are acceptable and will guarantee you a youthful appearance. Well, unless you’re a member of the very amusing Jersey Shore cast or a “hip” 8 year old, then the  answer is NO.

If you are  unashamed to rock the Ed Hardy look, do tell us why and how do you manage to keep it looking tasteful.

Hadelicious is a 19 years young bonfide matcher and colour obsessed college student with big hair. Check out her blog, Karamel Kouture, or follow her on twitter @hadelicious to learn more about this whimsical fashionista.

Flat Irons Have More Than One Use

13 Oct

Written by Julie S. Montgomery

Flat irons use electricity to heat up their metal or ceramic plates. Does this sound similar to any other household appliance? It should sound like your regular clothing iron, as the two appliances serve very similar purposes. Your clothing iron takes kinks and wrinkles out of your dress shirt or pants while your hair straightener takes kinks out of your hair.

While I won’t advocate completely replacing your flat iron with your clothing iron, or vice versa, you can use your flat iron in lieu of your clothing iron when you’re in a pinch. Like your regular clothing iron, you’ll need to find the lowest setting on your flat iron that will work for pressing wrinkles out of your clothing – which will depend on the fabric type. Materials like denim and corduroy will take a bit more heat, while linens and materials with spandex will need less. Here are several situations in which your flat iron will work as well (if not better) than your clothing iron.

1. Ironing a hem. Whether you’re ironing the hem of your favorite dress pants, skirt, or shirt, a flat iron can press out the wrinkles – and you don’t even need to drag out the ironing board. Heat it to the lowest setting that your material will require to get the wrinkles out. Place the hem between the plates and clamp them together, then gently pull the material through in a circle, until you’re back where you started. Because they are only about 3 inches long, you can’t iron your entire shirt or pant leg, but it does work for pressing the hem.

2. Pressing a shirt collar. Dress shirt collars tend to have a mind of their own. They curl, flip, or easily wrinkle. A flat iron can be used to press them – just as well as an ironing board and iron would, but without the hassle. Again, heat it to the lowest possible setting that the material will require. For this, I like to start in the middle of the back of the shirt collar, pressing from the middle to one side and then repeating it on the other.

3. Ironing between shirt buttons. This is one task that I believe a hair straightener can do better than a regular iron. The space between shirt buttons is only a couple of inches – far smaller than anything besides the tip of your clothing iron, but larger than the width of a 1-2 inch flat iron. Heat your hair straightener to the lowest temperature required by the clothing material and press the space from one button to the next.

4. Hemming pants or a shirt. Whether your pants or too long or the hem came out and needs to be redone – this can be accomplished with your flat iron and some hem tape. Fold the hem of your pants or shirt under once and use your heated flat iron to press the crease like you would if you were ironing a hem (you’re actually ironing your new hemline). Once you have a nice, continuous crease, apply hem tape to the folded edge. Slowly pass over the cuff again, ensuring that the hem tape is firmly sandwiched between the cuffed portion and your pant leg (or shirt hem).

As a long-time pet owner, Julie is passionate about supporting animal health and wellness. As a board member of her local rescue league, she understands the value proper mental and physical stimulation offers indoor cats in particular. Julie’s Siamese cats, Sissy and Missy, enjoy the indoor life thanks to cat towers and cat trees from Ace Cat Furniture.