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Spotlight On: Lips By Carla

7 Oct

Although I haven’t had the pleasure of interviewing Carla Ferrell of Lips by Carla, I just had to share this find with our readers. I am an avid listener of the Steve Harvey Show and I love listening to Carla’s stories about how she handles situations in her marriage and her sweet little girl. So when I heard that she had started her own business, Lips by Carla, I rushed to my computer to visit her site.

The website gives the following description about her awesome lip gloss:

This anti-aging ultra-brilliant unique formula delivers a transparent glossy glow. Its the perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime.

Stay tuned, The GLAM Squad will be putting this to the test with a GLAM Review from one of our Product Reviewers. Can’t wait? Well head on over to Lips by Carla and place an order for your very own tube! She offers 12 beautiful shades. My favorites are Super Clear and Super Toffee (which must be very popular because it’s always sold out).

Want to be added to our team of Product Reviewers and receive free products like this one to try? Send us an email to myglamsquad [at] yahoo [dot] com today!



21 Sep

So who had the hottest presentation, who wore it well, who shocked us, and who got the video of the year award? Well,  lets start with lady-Gaga who got nominated 13 times and took almost all of the Men! Moon Men that is, 8 to be exact.  But seriously her  dress was astonishing in color, shape, texture and filled with  creativity. Yes it was a shocker, but I gotta say, can we expect anything less from this Diva? Uh.. NO!  There were multiple dress changes, that were just as shocking if not more, but the biggest news is, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” took home the MUSIC AWARD OF THE YEAR MOON MAN. Congratulations are in order for Ms. Lady Gaga.

Picture |

wearing a Franc Fernandez dress made of meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Picture found at

2010 MTV VMAs Lady Gaga Armani Dress

Wearing Black Armani Dress,designed by Alexander McQueen.

2010 MTV VMAs Lady Gaga Armani Dress

Photo: PictureGroup/MTV, Sketch: Giorgio Armani

Our favorite  singer  Taylor swift surprised us, with a song that brought us back to the  MTV VMA’s 2009 when the singer Kanye West embarrassed, and belittled Ms. Swift by suggesting she didn’t deserve the award she was receiving at the time. The song is titled “Innocent” and most  likely a track from her upcoming album, “Speak Now.”! Thumbs up for my girl!

Picture Credit: GettyImages

Bieber Fever!!!!!!!

justin bieber 2010 vmas 05

Picture Found at

Justin Bieber wearing an all black outfit with black sunglasses, trying to give us Bieber-Fever?  The 16-year-old arrived with his mentor Usher who also wore an all black outfit to the MTV VMA’S 2010 . Can you say matching buddies? In my opinion this outfit fits Justin’s character well, it matches his swag, age, and style. Justin Bieber  took home the Best New Artist Award, and when asked,  colleague  Selena Gomez had commented previously that he deserved it, because Bieber had been working very hard for it. No complaints here,  keep bringing your music Justin we’ll keep listening and Congratulations!

Project Runway Review

21 Aug

Favorite Design of the Night: Michael Drummond


Although he wasn’t the winner of the night my ultimate fav of the night was Michael Durrmond’s architectural design.  I liked the form-fitting beige top.  The cleavage was by far my favorite detail of the dress.  The pop of orange with the skirt was a brilliant combination for the both the top and the hat.  I really appreciated how he personally crimped the fabric himself rather than seeking out one that was pre-crimped. 

Least Favorite Design of the Night: Kristin Simms


I definitely feel the judges made the right decision when they axed Kristin Simms.  Her design was not worthy of going down the Project Runway.  The back of the dress completely confused me.  It looked like she simply folded some fabric and stuck it together in any way she could.  It looked as if she threw the dress together with no direction or pride in her work. 

Honorable Mentions

The Good: Michael Costello

Of course we have to congratulate this week’s winner.  His elegant and flowing design was beautiful going down the runway.  His color choice was the perfect match for the hat he was given.  I would definitely purchase this dress if given the chance. 

The Bad: April Johnston

Although I could see April’s futuristic resort vision I have to say she failed on delivery.  The design seemed too simplistic for Project Runway in my opinion.  And don’t get me started on the panties, I mean shorts.  What was she thinking?  It really looked like she took three pairs of panties and layered them together.  Not a good look at all.  I almost fainted from laughter when they asked the model to turn around. 

What did you think about this week’s episode?  Which design was your fav of the night?