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Tone Down The Bedazzle!

16 Oct

Flashy t-shirts are the latest epidemic hitting stores and streets the world over. Be it the real overpriced and shamelessly tacky Ed Hardy and/or Christian Audigier gear or the cheap $5 DIY alternative. It has got to stop! Being a young lady with an obsession for colours, glitter and sparkly things I simply can not tolerate this. Middle-aged men (Jon Gosselin look-a-likes to be exact) and club-goers have been excessively parading this sad excuse of clothing garments. Simply, it is nothing but an eyesore. In fact such people are collectively referred to as “Ed Hardy Douche Bags”. Who knew?!

Tattoo t-shirt designs used to be a rather popular look of the 90’s and as most people grew older and wiser, so did their personal style. However, there were a few who didn’t quite make it to the bus stop. They were tricked into thinking that overly flashy bedazzled shirts, jeans, jackets, bikinis, shoes and handbags are acceptable and will guarantee you a youthful appearance. Well, unless you’re a member of the very amusing Jersey Shore cast or a “hip” 8 year old, then the  answer is NO.

If you are  unashamed to rock the Ed Hardy look, do tell us why and how do you manage to keep it looking tasteful.

Hadelicious is a 19 years young bonfide matcher and colour obsessed college student with big hair. Check out her blog, Karamel Kouture, or follow her on twitter @hadelicious to learn more about this whimsical fashionista.


21 Sep

So who had the hottest presentation, who wore it well, who shocked us, and who got the video of the year award? Well,  lets start with lady-Gaga who got nominated 13 times and took almost all of the Men! Moon Men that is, 8 to be exact.  But seriously her  dress was astonishing in color, shape, texture and filled with  creativity. Yes it was a shocker, but I gotta say, can we expect anything less from this Diva? Uh.. NO!  There were multiple dress changes, that were just as shocking if not more, but the biggest news is, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” took home the MUSIC AWARD OF THE YEAR MOON MAN. Congratulations are in order for Ms. Lady Gaga.

Picture |

wearing a Franc Fernandez dress made of meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Picture found at

2010 MTV VMAs Lady Gaga Armani Dress

Wearing Black Armani Dress,designed by Alexander McQueen.

2010 MTV VMAs Lady Gaga Armani Dress

Photo: PictureGroup/MTV, Sketch: Giorgio Armani

Our favorite  singer  Taylor swift surprised us, with a song that brought us back to the  MTV VMA’s 2009 when the singer Kanye West embarrassed, and belittled Ms. Swift by suggesting she didn’t deserve the award she was receiving at the time. The song is titled “Innocent” and most  likely a track from her upcoming album, “Speak Now.”! Thumbs up for my girl!

Picture Credit: GettyImages

Bieber Fever!!!!!!!

justin bieber 2010 vmas 05

Picture Found at

Justin Bieber wearing an all black outfit with black sunglasses, trying to give us Bieber-Fever?  The 16-year-old arrived with his mentor Usher who also wore an all black outfit to the MTV VMA’S 2010 . Can you say matching buddies? In my opinion this outfit fits Justin’s character well, it matches his swag, age, and style. Justin Bieber  took home the Best New Artist Award, and when asked,  colleague  Selena Gomez had commented previously that he deserved it, because Bieber had been working very hard for it. No complaints here,  keep bringing your music Justin we’ll keep listening and Congratulations!

Fall Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits and Rompers

17 Aug

Whats in style for fall you say? Jumpsuits and Rompers! I would say keep simple and fashionable. Yes it might of seemed that once the idea of wearing a jumpsuit  much less a romper ever since the 70’s  was literally out of this world and dead like the disco days. However,  after further consideration and attention we saw these styles jumping out in fashion shows everywhere at fashion week. Take a look at the celebrities wearing them.

/EXID10776/slideshows/090611101429Beyonce jumpsuit.jpg


Jessica Biel


/EXID10776/slideshows/090611101444dakota fanning.jpg


Credit Pics to: and Trago/FilmMagic

We have to becareful in choosing the right  jumpsuit, as there styles as there are colors! So make sure you choose right. In the spirit of fall and simplicity in fashion here is the shoe pick of the week.


Pics were found at

Black Lenora crocs are  comfortable and can be used at the office as well as casually.Choosing a neutral color  will enable these shoes to be multi-fashionable.