Tone Down The Bedazzle!

16 Oct

Flashy t-shirts are the latest epidemic hitting stores and streets the world over. Be it the real overpriced and shamelessly tacky Ed Hardy and/or Christian Audigier gear or the cheap $5 DIY alternative. It has got to stop! Being a young lady with an obsession for colours, glitter and sparkly things I simply can not tolerate this. Middle-aged men (Jon Gosselin look-a-likes to be exact) and club-goers have been excessively parading this sad excuse of clothing garments. Simply, it is nothing but an eyesore. In fact such people are collectively referred to as “Ed Hardy Douche Bags”. Who knew?!

Tattoo t-shirt designs used to be a rather popular look of the 90’s and as most people grew older and wiser, so did their personal style. However, there were a few who didn’t quite make it to the bus stop. They were tricked into thinking that overly flashy bedazzled shirts, jeans, jackets, bikinis, shoes and handbags are acceptable and will guarantee you a youthful appearance. Well, unless you’re a member of the very amusing Jersey Shore cast or a “hip” 8 year old, then the  answer is NO.

If you are  unashamed to rock the Ed Hardy look, do tell us why and how do you manage to keep it looking tasteful.

Hadelicious is a 19 years young bonfide matcher and colour obsessed college student with big hair. Check out her blog, Karamel Kouture, or follow her on twitter @hadelicious to learn more about this whimsical fashionista.

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