Eco Friendly Fashion, Go Green!

9 Aug

Whether we like it or not earth friendly fashion is here for all of us Green conscious divas.  These purses are the new “it” look for the most original trend setter.  Made by hand with candy wrappers there are indefinite looks to this amazing candy wrap purses.



 The wrappers used to make these purses, are wrappers that have been discarded of, for reasons such as misprints. There are also bracelets, dog collars, and hair accesories.  These purses vary in styles as they do in color! Going from casual and totes, to cocktail purses and elegant clutches. The prices could  range anywhere from $10.00 up to $300.00  or more depending where you get them from.  

For more information about where you can buy these fabolous purses leave a comment.


One Response to “Eco Friendly Fashion, Go Green!”

  1. MILENA 08/10/2010 at 2:20 pm #

    me gusto mucho estas bolsas y lo mas bonito es que son elaboradas por materiales reciclabes y asi ayudamos al medio ambiente y a la vez estamos a la modad las recomiendo

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