Ellen DeGeneres says “Goodbye American Idol”

2 Aug

After the much talked about Simon Cowell, and his leaving the popular show, American Idol, many have looked to the judges left asking the obvious question: will the show still reach it’s same popularity without Simon? There are a few that would say that the show isn’t about the ‘Judges”  but, about the talent.  That week after week, people pick their favorite runner up and then become invested into their “American Idol”.  This may hold true, however it seems that American Idol vacant spaces for judges are increasing. 

I have to say we didn’t see this one coming, yet another judge, who has just announced that she is leaving! Ellen DeGeneres announced Thursday that she is leaving the show, she tweeted “Dim the lights…..I’ve voted myself off” This after only a season. 

Ellen DeGeneres went on to say in her official webpage that her work had become more than what she had bargained for, and that her decision was a difficult one. That it was hard for her to judge people and hurt their feelings. But that she was grateful for the year she had in American Idol.

Now with Simon and Ellen gone from American Idol who will be the new American Idol judges? There is word that Jennifer Lopez might be one of the judges for next season this is yet to be confirmed.  Simon went on to comment how much respect he had for Ellen and Ryan tweeted “she is one of the kindest and most talented people in Hollywood”.


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