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Project Runway Review

21 Aug

Favorite Design of the Night: Michael Drummond


Although he wasn’t the winner of the night my ultimate fav of the night was Michael Durrmond’s architectural design.  I liked the form-fitting beige top.  The cleavage was by far my favorite detail of the dress.  The pop of orange with the skirt was a brilliant combination for the both the top and the hat.  I really appreciated how he personally crimped the fabric himself rather than seeking out one that was pre-crimped. 

Least Favorite Design of the Night: Kristin Simms


I definitely feel the judges made the right decision when they axed Kristin Simms.  Her design was not worthy of going down the Project Runway.  The back of the dress completely confused me.  It looked like she simply folded some fabric and stuck it together in any way she could.  It looked as if she threw the dress together with no direction or pride in her work. 

Honorable Mentions

The Good: Michael Costello

Of course we have to congratulate this week’s winner.  His elegant and flowing design was beautiful going down the runway.  His color choice was the perfect match for the hat he was given.  I would definitely purchase this dress if given the chance. 

The Bad: April Johnston

Although I could see April’s futuristic resort vision I have to say she failed on delivery.  The design seemed too simplistic for Project Runway in my opinion.  And don’t get me started on the panties, I mean shorts.  What was she thinking?  It really looked like she took three pairs of panties and layered them together.  Not a good look at all.  I almost fainted from laughter when they asked the model to turn around. 

What did you think about this week’s episode?  Which design was your fav of the night?


Fall Fashion Trend: Cobalt Blue

20 Aug

Cobalt Blue has helped us add a pop of color to our Summer wardrobe and I’m happy to say this trend will be spilling over into the Fall.  Cobalt Blue looks great when paired with a neutral color such as creme, beige, slate grey, and of black. 

I’m very excited to add more of this beautiful color to my ever-growing collection.  And not just with clothing, I’ve seen some stunning stilettos and accessories in Cobalt Blue that I just have to purchase. 

Want to add a pop of color to your Fall Fashion?  Well, here’s a little inspiration for you:

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1. Candy Coated Bags  2. Be Fashion  3. FashAddix  4. Acquired Taste Jewelry Designs

5. Lu Lu’s  6. Baker’s Shoes  7. Italy Gucci  8. My Color Fashion

Fall Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits and Rompers

17 Aug

Whats in style for fall you say? Jumpsuits and Rompers! I would say keep simple and fashionable. Yes it might of seemed that once the idea of wearing a jumpsuit  much less a romper ever since the 70’s  was literally out of this world and dead like the disco days. However,  after further consideration and attention we saw these styles jumping out in fashion shows everywhere at fashion week. Take a look at the celebrities wearing them.

/EXID10776/slideshows/090611101429Beyonce jumpsuit.jpg


Jessica Biel


/EXID10776/slideshows/090611101444dakota fanning.jpg


Credit Pics to: and Trago/FilmMagic

We have to becareful in choosing the right  jumpsuit, as there styles as there are colors! So make sure you choose right. In the spirit of fall and simplicity in fashion here is the shoe pick of the week.


Pics were found at

Black Lenora crocs are  comfortable and can be used at the office as well as casually.Choosing a neutral color  will enable these shoes to be multi-fashionable.