Showing Love to “The Girls”

15 Jun

Happy Tuesday Ladies!!  I had a great weekend catching up with a close friend and it got me thinking about how valuable “the girls” can be.  When I find a new love interest – I call “the girls”, when I find a new banging outfit – I call “the girls”, when I’m sad or depressed – I call “the girls”.  And they do the same for me.  I love “my girls” and don’t know what I’d do without them.

So this post is a special thank you to “the girls”:

JJ: Girl, we’ve been through so much since 4th grade.  You are truly like a sister to me.  Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me and my daughter over the past 20+ years. 

MaMa A : Thank you for always giving me straight forward advice no matter how much it hurts sometimes.  I hate that we live so far away now but even distance can’t change the fact that you are a true friend.

Missy Jazzy:  What can I say about our crazy relationship?  Thank you for being you – all day every day – you are definitely the one person I can count on to never change and I love that about you. 

Mizz Judy:  Whew, we’ve been through so much that I can’t even think of what to type about your crazy butt.  Thanks for the many laughs, wild nights, and for being my closest friend through high school.  I can’t wait to see you again girl – I hope O town is ready!

Wanna show your thanks for “your girls”?  Give them a shout out in the comments and make sure to let them know so they can do the same for you!

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