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Shoe Sale Alert!

11 Jun

If you don’t already know you’ll soon learn that I am a shoe freak (well I’m really a clothes, jewelry, shoes, and make-up freak).  Growing up with a mother and grandmother that owns at least 100 pairs of shoes each – I definitely got it honest.  So of course I’m super excited about the sale is having and I had to let you all know:

This weekend only they are having a sale on their entire stock of sandals just in time for summer PLUS you can take an additional 25% off your second pair!

If you take advantage of this deal, be sure to leave me a comment and tell me which pairs you chose. 

Happy Shopping!

$2 Tank Tops at Old Navy

11 Jun

I LOVE summer-time deals and Old Navy seems to be at it again.

This Saturday, June 12th only you can get $2 Tank Tops from Old Navy!

I’m sure many of you heard about the $1 Flip Flop sale they had a few weeks ago.  My daughter and I love flip flops so we knew this was a deal we couldn’t pass up.  We set our alarm for 7:20am to make sure we were first in line at 8:00am when the doors open. 

Well to our surprise Old Navy decided to open their doors an hour early so we were met with 40 – 50 other shoppers scrambling through multiple bins of colorful flip flops.

So, I would suggest that you give your local store a call and ask what time they’ll open.  I was very happy to see that they had a large selection so there was no danger of them running out but I know this wasn’t the case for every store.  Some stores ran out within the first hour.   

Also, don’t be surprised if you have stand in the checkout line multiple times.  During the Flip Flop sale we were only allowed to purchase 5 pairs at a time.  This meant 6 trips through checkout for me.  So be prepared ladies!

Happy Shopping!

Thanks goes out to Penny Pinching Diva for this sales alert