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Spotlight on Acquired Taste Jewelry plus a Giveaway!

30 Jun

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberly Nicole, owner of Acquired Taste Jewelry. Kimberly is also a former high school classmate of mine which makes this post extra special to me. Its funny how it seems like it was only last year when we reminisce about our days at CHS.

Acquired Taste Jewelry features jewelry handmade by Kimberly herself with her special style and creativity.

MGS: What makes Acquired Taste Jewelry different from other jewelry retailers?

Kimberly Nicole: I try to design jewelry that is not the everyday norm and gives different options for people who like stylish and creative pieces and are looking for the next different accessories to make their outfits pop.

MGS: When did you discover your passion for creating jewelry? 

Kimberly Nicole: In my youth as a little girl and even now I’ve always had a passion for making things with my hands, and the arts. I discovered making jewelry as a hobby in one of my favorite craft stores, and it has build years later into a fascinating business.

MGS: Why did you decide to start your own business?

Kimberly Nicole: I started making jewelry for friends and family back in 2000. My mother encouraged me to make a business out of doing what I love. I decided to make it official in 2008 

MGS: Any advice for other women that may be thinking of starting their own jewelry business?

Kimberly Nicole: Start off with a plan covering all your basic necessities to get started ,build a fan base through family, friends, church members , co-workers, sororities , friends of friends etc etc (get your business name out there), also keep the faith in your business, don’t get down or discouraged 🙂

MGS: Which of your current pieces is your favorite?

Kimberly Nicole: It’s kind of weird but there is a pair of green spotted earrings that are my favorite, they don’t match very much in my closet but they are so cute to me LOL.

MGS: Do you offer custom pieces for those wanting to match a certain outfit?

Kimberly Nicole: Oh yes! I love making custom pieces. I’ve had clients send me photos of things from a piece of fabric, a shade of color/texture, and even a photo of a dress. Whatever I am given I will work with to create a beautiful piece.

You have a chance to win one of Kimberly Nicole’s exclusive pieces, this Summer Beaded Wire Wrap Bracelet:



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Are you a Real Woman?

29 Jun

While flipping through the most recent issue of Essence Magazine I ran across the lyrics to Real Woman by Ledisi.  A year or two ago I would have read these lyrics and thought, “yeah that’s me!”.  But deep down, in the core of my heart, I’d know the words were far from the truth.  But today, in 2010, I can really, truly, even at the core of my heart, say:

That is me!

And mean it!

Looking in the mirror

Embracing all of me

Never did this before

Took me some time to be

The woman I’ve become

Giving more to myself

Almost lost my soul

Tryna please somebody else

Did Ledisi have a special power that allowed her to see my most inner thoughts? Or is it possible that other women actually go through the same amazing transformation that I have recently.  Is ther a woman reading this post at this very moment that has the same renewed and powerful feeling that I do when she looks into the mirror?  AND whose tired (and done with) putting other people’s feelings before her own?

I continue to read the lyrics (while thinking, “I gotta get this girl’s album”)

All my curves I embrace

Love the color of my skin

So much bigger than that

I love the person within

And I ain’t had no joy

In a while

Can you see it in my smile

Did you notice

That I know this

Sang it girl!! I do embrace my curves, every single one of them. I love the color of my deep mahogany skin, and *drum roll please*…I LOVE THE PERSON WITHIN! Ooo it feels so good to say that! Try it. No seriously, try it!  Say to yourself, out loud, “I love the person within!” Isn’t that a great feeling when you really truly believe it!

If you haven’t gotten to that point in your life don’t worry, you will.  We all have our Ah Ha moment, as Oprah would put it.  Whether you’ve gone through this transformation or not, today I want you to celebrate being you. In the comments below write a note to yourself with one thing that you love about being you.  I’ll go first…

Chineze, I love the compassion you have for others and the fact that you always want to give your all for your friends and loved ones. 

See that wasn’t hard at all…now it’s your turn…

Sale Alert: 50% off Minerals and $1.98 Shipping!

28 Jun

Eyes Lips Face is having an amazing sale today that I’m sure you will love as much as me.  Today you can get an additional 50% off their mineral products such as my fav eyeshadow!  Their prices are already discounted to an extremely low $3.00 so you’ll only pay $1.50 today!

E.L.F. has made the deal even better by offering shipping at a rate of only $1.98 if you order by midnight.

You can’t beat this deal! 

While there also check out their Starter Kits that start as low as $15.